At ha! ha! and in your home, t-shirts don’t have to be just t-shirts… they can be so much more than the familiar everyday item of clothing worn by children all over the world – they have the potential to form an open window for their imagination. Let our ha! ha! t-shirt for coloring open that window! You can choose to leave white and wear them as a traditional t-shirt (albeit one with SUPER cool designs on!) or allow your child to use our fabric markers to add color and highlight individual characters and objects or add their own to truly make it their t-shirt. Filled with imaginative, unique designs and creative patterns, they encourage even the youngest of minds to join in and express their creativity – the opportunities for play and storytelling are limitless!

Storytelling allows children to learn and develop socially and emotionally through play and experience. They develop concentration and speech as they wander off into their imagination and share it with those around them. The fabric markers and chance to personalize their t-shirt for coloring allows your child to express themselves even further. With our t-shirt for coloring, embark on an adventure with a friendly dinosaur, accidentally stumble across an erupting volcano, venture off on an intergalactic space mission with an alien or why don’t you get involved by wearing your child’s design and play a unique game with our ha! ha! Seek&Play adult sized t-shirts? The ideas and possibilities with a pack of our fabric markers and a t-shirt for coloring are endless and provide the perfect bonding experience. They combine practicality (everyone needs a t-shirt right?), cool designs and develop your child’s imagination through play and with our fabric markers, they can be made truly unique!