On individual order

Our products are made to order. This means that when you place an order, we start the process of its implementation. The time for posters and T-shirts is shorter, but the time for materials definitely takes time. Appropriate materials with printed patterns go to a tailor’s workshop, where individually ordered products are sewn. From the beginning to the end, we make sure that our products please you with their quality, colors and delicacy. We care about the durability of sewing and careful workmanship so that the thread does not interfere with the use of a beautiful pattern. We create products that we want to use ourselves.


Why to order?

We also sew to order, because the idea behind Search is to create your dream textiles, which means that you can choose certain elements, such as the back or insets, according to your preferences. We can also adjust the format to your needs for additional fees. not everything can be done, but a lot can be redesigned. What’s more, Zoo bedding, your favorite. the pattern can be personalized.

Custom-made sewing has other aspects for me, in the spirit of conscious consumerism trends, we try not to overproduce, of course, this is associated with higher costs, but thanks to this, the choices are well-thought-out and the products they offer are for years . They are handicraft from beginning to end, at every stage of their creation. When we finish creating each product, we mark it with our ha! ha! to bring you joy and creativity.


When you need it “for now”

We know, however, that there are times when you want to give our products to someone as a gift: for a birthday, baptism, special meeting, or you just do not want to wait for your dream Wyszukwianki, so in the “on the spot” section we always try to have some of the most popular products with a 24h shipping guarantee. We also try to provide more products for seasonal holidays: Christmas, Easter Bunny, Children’s Day.

Local and female

We value women’s initiatives and businesses. It so happened that both the suppliers of materials and prints are women. And in the women’s studio we only work with women. This shows us the strength of women’s businesses. I also feel supported as a small boutique from enterprising women. I am close to the idea of #wspierampolskiemarki and #empowerwomen

We work with reliable suppliers. The products are sewn in local tailoring workshops. And above all, I am proud that the product was invented and manufactured in Poland.

We care about security

We value your trust, which is why we constantly focus on the safety and high quality of what we produce. We make sure that our Search Engines do not contain substances harmful to the child’s health. We know how important its proper development is. The second aspect is ecology and ensuring that the products used are certified, which is why we only cooperate with companies that transparently inform about it.

Products ha! ha! machine washable, keeping it clean. Some products can also be ironed, but detailed information on this subject is available for individual products.

The prints on fabrics are mainly pigmented and the printing houses have all safety and standard certificates. All used materials: printed, additional and fillings have safety certificates for children. They are safe, non-toxic and meet the stringent requirements of the OEKO-TEX 100 CERTIFICATE.

The fillings in mats, quilts or pillows are made of high-quality, non-allergenic polyester (in mats) or silicone (in pillow-quilts) non-woven fabric, which also has the OEKO-TEX 100 CERTIFICATE.


Tested by children

Before Seek&Play products goes to the offer, we create prototypes and then test them in our home with the children. We do not spare them while playing to make sure that the product will serve you well and for a long time.



Your opinion is very important to us. We make every effort to ensure that each product tailored to your order is valuable and perfectly made. However, if there is any “but”, of course come back to us with the problem and we will find a solution.


Sewing items

Our products are safe. The bedding has a secure, covered zipper, all elements are precisely hemmed. Decorative pillows also have an inside zipper with a tiny zipper, hidden under the inset. The things are carefully sewn and double-stitched so that there is no risk of tearing the seam.