My specialization

Storytelling illustration

I create searches, i.e. multi-threaded illustrations, with a huge amount of detail for searching and connecting threads. Known so far from books. Now I have given Search Engines a new value by creating the Storytelling Illustration specialization.

What is this kind of illustration?

Its main premise is interactivity with graphics. Creative approach to illustrations. By using additional tools, an active storytelling begins. You can create stories on two levels: telling stories from pictures, and you can use additional activities (puppets, figurines, creative tasks) to enrich the story, creating completely new content.

Storytelling illustration

Promotes baby development

From now on, Storytelling is not boring


Illustrations that inspire making Stories

Thanks to the multithreading of images and the interactivity with them, we can be very creative. Suddenly, in storytelling illustration, the image may be an additional thread in the illustrated story. The interactivity of this illustration allows you to add the fun and learning value to Search Engines. For the created patterns, I come up with additional, completely beyond the pattern elements (characters, games, questions), thanks to which the story from the illustrations can take on a completely new meaning.