What an excitement! Mata Zoo in DDtvn!

Our ha! ha!play mat was noticed by Ms Magda Kordaszewska, an expert at zabawkowicz.pl and a sensory integration therapist, and presented during a program on valuable toys for children.

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I’m glad when someone says about ha! ha !. Each such mention can make it easier for someone to make a purchase decision or inspire him with a game or … a fairy tale. Opinion about small businesses is the best form of promotion, because if someone sees the satisfaction of others, they will be more willing to visit my small e-boutique and maybe decide to buy it. Thank you!

Wiola writes about Mam’s businesses. Among them, the ha! ha!

Something surprisingly new on the market, created to always have hints for inspiring fun and shared stories at the same time.

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Recenzja Mat Góry i Miasto

Awesome!!! In addition, these book illustrations!

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Christmas must have for every mother.

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