Therefore, to make the fun surprising, we have created the INSPIRATIONS list.

The Zoo collection offers endless possibilities to play with your favorite animals. Pets are divided into thematic groups: forest, house, water, wild, birds. There are also 5 animal tracks in the pattern. The illustration tells about the birthday that takes place at the Zoo, so there are gifts, cakes, balloons and a queue of guests. You can count and search. Someone lost their wallet and money lost all over the zoo, will you find it?

What? Where? What ?, i.e. questions for learning speech

For DIY use

Our products are a huge picture book. By watching pictures and telling them with the youngest children, we can use this moment to learn to expand our vocabulary. We show the picture with our finger and ask a question at the same time. For this purpose, I have prepared ready-made clouds with the following questions: How much? Where? What does he do? What is it? What? etc. We encourage the child to name objects and activities independently. We always give him time to answer for himself. The questions can be used with both the Zoo and the Land pattern.

Another option to use these clouds is asking the child to put a question next to the selected picture and then we read the question and ask him to answer about the selected theme.


Sound onomatopoeia games for children.

For DIY use

Onomatopoeia words – onomatopoeias can express the surrounding sound phenomena naturally. Due to their naturalness, they enable the child to easily communicate with the environment and constitute a certain stage in the development of his verbal contacts with other people. They are the first natural words of a child related to a specific meaning. There is a huge wealth of such words in Polish, which due to the content of many linguistic phenomena are used in speech therapy practice to comprehensively improve speech functions. Onomatopoeias exercise the entire speech apparatus: breathing, phonation (voice), prosody (melody, accent and rhythm of speech), phonetic hearing, dexterity, coordination of speech organs, articulation.

Activity dedicated to kids. Show your child the word. Say it out loud, chanting the word appropriately, ask for it to repeat, and then express your baby and ask him to lay the pet on the mat.

Set 1 Set 2

Animal cube | Game

For DIY use

The best recipe for involving the Child in play? Pets and curiosity! Thanks to a special cube, on which six intriguing questions are prepared, for example: Show how the animal moves, Show what sound the animal makes, Where does the animal live? or What is a pet eating? a child with a fascination waits for the roll of the dice and the task. There is a question for gross motor skills, for phonetic exercise and for knowledge, where the range of answers depends on the child’s knowledge. How do we play? The number of people in the game is unlimited. There were 4 people with us and it was the maximum, because the girls would throw themselves every time we had a turn! We point to the animal on the mat. We can use the circle / magnifying glass to select a given animal. We call them and roll the dice. We answer the cube question. The next player then carries out the task. Only this, and so much 🙂 Who will play?

The game works best with already speaking Children.


Animals | Memo

For DIY use

Memory game combined with learning English. The memo animals are on the birthday pattern at the Zoo. You can play with both the kids and the oldies. For younger children, I suggest matching the pictures with animals to the animals on the mat. For the Elders, it will be interesting to match animals with learning English. The memo is made up of two circles of each type of animal, which means you can also make it difficult to play by putting the animals face.

memo 1 memo 2

Zoo – matching animal figurines

Mats, blankets, bedspreads

Great cognitive fun for kids. Matching animal figures to those in the Zoo pattern. It exercises perceptiveness, concentration and new words.

Cards with descriptions of animals and interesting facts about them can be prepared.

Have you discovered your children’s games?

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