Therefore, to make the fun surprising, we have created the INSPIRATIONS list.

Games for children that stimulate the imagination? Learning while having fun? Learning to speak, practicing concentration and perceptiveness? We have a way. Spontaneous ideas, homemade toys and combining techniques.

“Princess and the Pea” Theater

For DIY use/p>

Telling popular fairy tales is a great activity to start your storytelling practice. We have a well-known plot, often known from the summary, because what is important in this type of games with children is the abbreviation of the threads and matching the amount of information from the fairy tale from the age of the child. A 3-year-old does not have to be interested that the princess slept on 20 pillows … but a 5-year-old may already be fascinated by it … and she hasn’t fallen? Print, glue the characters and the fun is ready!

You can also decorate or color the characters in advance. Build a cardboard theater with scenery. These characters also look great (but then they have to be cut out more precisely) in the shadow theater version.


Tracking down the butterflies

For DIY use

Fun in the Butterfly Explorers. Print, cut out and hide the butterflies at home, in the places indicated on the map. With the Explorer Map, finding Butterflies will be easy. The butterflies that the Child is to find are: lemongrass, gooseberry blotch, peach nymph, white cabbage soup. Your home becomes a big butterfly trip!

You can print sheets with butterflies one at a time or several and play around counting the butterflies you find. The child enters the number of butterflies he has found on the Explorer’s Map. You can also color the butterflies.


Storytelling’s cube

For DIY use/p>

A game of storytelling. Let fate and your imagination decide how the story unfolds. Print it out. Cut it out. Glue and roll the dice. Create stories for the pictures that will fall out on the cube. Dare to come up with the most amazing stories for cube heroes.

Before you put the cube together, you can color it. The cube will be more durable if you stick it with cardboard.


Coloring game DINOSAUR

For DIY use

Coloring game. You need a printout, cube and crayons. Roll the dice and color & the square that matches the number of pips scored. Now it’s the second player’s turn. If you roll a number of spots from a field that is already colored, you skip the turn. The first person to color the last field wins. A game for 2 people (max 3). There are two versions for download: more detailed and realistic (version 1) and simplified and fairy-tale (version 2).

You know scientists are not convinced of the color of dinosaurs. Some say that they were not earth tones at all, but … colorful.

Download version 1 Download version 1

Have you discovered your children’s games?

I encourage you to share them on social media. Mark us #hahaforkids, we will definitely test, we will make a repost and maybe add it to the Games here. Your inspirations are a great tip for other customers. Thank you for inspiring other Families.