A list of inspirations that never end.

The Wonderland in Leaves collection is a world full of fantasy and real characters. You will meet naughty princesses, dinosaurs, aliens, mermaids, fairies, robots, Indians, a vegetable seller, mother with a child, a man with balloons … what and who is not here. Search in all its glory – for counting, searching and learning.

Observation card

For DIY use

A typical search with an observation card dedicated to the Land in a List pattern. Print the card and give it to the child, then search for the bedspread or you have these elements. The perfect exercise for concentration, perceptiveness supporting the development of the child’s brain. You can find a fantastic text about the neuropsychologist mom’s attention here: “https://www.instagram.com/p/CEyPNwyj80A/”> Because You can train your child’s attention while playing! How? ⁣ Have fun in search! ⁣Searching the visual field is the perfect training to concentrate and keep your child’s attention! ⁣


Smiley flags (emotions)

Mats, Swaddle, T-shirt, Throws and Blankets.

There are a lot of smiley flags in the Land. The flags can be counted, but each of them has a different face drawn, expressing emotions: e.g. joy, surprise, laughter. My intention was that you could additionally, contextually weave feelings into your stories. These are drawn. But you can make your simple DIY bunting and feel like feeling watchers. And make it an activity for kids. It is a drop in working with children on their feelings, naming and getting to know them. But sometimes such fun drops are also interesting and an additional form to books or conversations.

The flags are carried by the Wanderer, he has a backpack full of them.

How to make DIY flags? Cards with drawn faces, toothpick, double-sided tape to stick the note on the toothpick and a stand (I used dough).

Dressing up the characters

Mats, Throws and Blankets

We start the game with the preparation of cut-out colored clothes. We can extend it with, i.e. drying the laundry, i.e. clothes are attached to a string imitating a dryer by means of small clips. Thanks to this, the child must first remove them from the string by practicing fingers and hand-eye coordination, and then dress the figures in the graphics.

Dla nas była to świetna zabawa w rozpoznawanie kolorów.

Board game

Mats, Swaddle, T-shirt, Throws and Blankets.

Fun with many possibilities. You need a dice with numbers, some figures (in our case, they were Schleich animals). The playing fields are broken lines along the way. You choose the starting lines and you move exactly the thrown number of spots on the lines. We also invented tasks for players on a regular basis: for example, if you were near a horse, you had to pretend to be a horse, and if you were next to a lady resting under an umbrella, you skipped the queue.

You can easily replace the animals with your favorite heroes or characters made of blocks. You can also invent tasks and rules according to your own creativity: they can be mobile, they can be for a story, put something on the board … full invention.

Fun for children – Planets

Bedding, Swaddle, Bedspreads, Blankets

The Wanderland pattern is a world of imagination, but you will also find planets on it that can be beautifully woven into a story and Fairy tales … or used in the form of fun to get to know the planets. Remember that this activity is fun combined with learning. There is no set order of the planets on the mat, but they are all. And there are as many planets as there are in the solar system (I assumed the Land is the earth). There is also the sun. So it’s a great light activity that your child will surely learn from!

Print the planets and have your child color them, the colors are based on the book “About Planets”. We colored according to the order of the sun. Cut down the planets. And then match them with the planets on the mat. The earth is obviously the center art, remember. You can match the other planets according to their shape, Saturn and Uranus have rings and those drawn on the mat also: Jupiter is the largest, Mercury is the smallest.

And there is also a mysterious black dot, in space … in my original idea it was a black hole … because isn’t it fun to play space adventures when astronauts suddenly disappear.


Explorers’ Cave

Blankets, bedspreads

Build a base and cover it with a blanket or bedspread with the graphics facing down. Check carefully that no light is reaching inside. Take a flashlight and look for drawings in your cave.

Such activity provides a huge amount of sensory experience: darkness and light, small and closed space, limited air. And the emotions of the explorer. You can tell your child what to look for.

Games for children, “Carollers” finger puppets

For DIY use

Our carolers visit houses, squares, lanterns, castles, chicken leg houses and many other places with wishes for good luck in the New Year in the Land and in the Zoo … and in any other place that comes to your mind. They sing pastorals, Christmas carols and say poems. They tell a bit about themselves and about tradition. Our carolers are: three kings, an angel, a star, a moose, a Christmas tree, a snowman and a round.

Characters can be used to play with our Search Banks products, but also as pendants for a Christmas tree or gifts, in a Christmas card in the form of a collage, in a Christmas nativity scene … in any way that comes to your imagination.

Set for Kids set for kids

To lie down, cover and comfort.

Mats, Bedding, T-shirt, Swaddle, Throws and Blankets

I like our products for their usability. They inspire when you need hints for creative play or stories, and when you just want to cover yourself with them, make them a base or lie down, you use them “normally”. You will also take the mats outdoors thanks to their waterproof bottom. Besides, all our products, especially mats and throws / blankets, can be placed on the floor and & nbsp; carpet because they have filling, and children love to play on the floor. Research shows that movement is necessary for both the child’s physical and intellectual development.

All fabrics from which our products are used are made of certified materials and are safe for children and adults.

Great motor skills

Mats, Throws and Blankets

Black roads perfectly mark the lines for walking with tip-tops, foot, behind the foot. Thanks to such tasks, the child exercises balance and concentration.

You can also play a game, put your right hand on the “dinosaur”, your left foot on the “moose” and get the baby tangled up pretty well.

And fine motor skills

Play mats

Obstacle course for grass springs? Why not. Narrow grass, scatter on play mat and go crazy.

You can also use sand (kinetic), other natural objects such as bark, leaves, cones, chestnuts, buds, twigs. You can build car barriers, animal shelters or doll gardens. Everything loose, varied, thanks to which they exercise their little fingers. Our mats wash great, so there will be no problem to shake them off after having fun and wash them if they need it.

Have you discovered your children’s games?

I encourage you to share them on social media. Mark us #hahaforkids, we will definitely test, we will make a repost and maybe add it to the Games here. Your inspirations are a great tip for other customers. Thank you for inspiring other Families.