Educational play mats

Every parent knows well that their children need to exercise their creativity, imagination and vocabulary. On a child’s early development stage, it is of the utmost importance to teach them how certain objects are called, and also how to build sentences and pronounce words correctly. The best way for a baby to acquire and perfect those skills is nothing else than an attempt at conversation and above all, telling stories together! In our online shop you will certainly find something to help you with this challenge and spend quality time with your kid – try our educational mats!

An extraordinary play mat for kids

Here in our online shop, you will find accessories for children which we have designed and manufactured on our own. We have put our whole hearts into creating each and every educational mat available in the offer, as they are intended to combine learning with fun. We offer products with various themes, for example “Birthday in the ZOO” or “Wonderland”, which your child will surely find aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the product is available in two versions: with a waterproof bottom (perfect for playing outside) or a soft velvet one (the best for indoors). Not without reason they have won the Toy of the Year 2021 award! They are decorated with carefully designed pictures of figures, objects, plants, and animals. By looking for them on the play mat, your baby can exercise their perceptiveness and learn new vocabulary every day.