Your inspirations

Kasia is the mother of three Bukowski brothers. Their home has a magical atmosphere: warm shades of beige and cream, the smell of wood, herbs and candles. Children’s room is a treasure trove of handicrafts that make you move in this space into the world of children’s imagination and nostalgia. It’s a room that smells like childhood 🙂

Kasia chose a soft mat / bedspread from the Kraina w Linie collection, sewn on an individual order with a cream back, smooth vevet type and an elegant black inset. The mat is elegant and very practical, because it can be used as a floor mat, but a bedspread, a play blanket. On the other hand, it is smooth, so you can easily use it with the smooth side

The second product is a light bamboo Zoo blanket, perfect for warm days and for little ones and for the elderly.

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Peace of mint

If you are lovers of mint shades, Dominika’s volume is a great inspiration for you.

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Cotton blanket as a bedspread

Land in the List Agnieszka decided on such a product and it was a bull’s eye, because apart from the possibility of covering up, it can also protect the bed.

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Long live the joy

Together is the best. Undoubtedly, this is Agnieszka’s motto. It combines different styles and colors beautifully and with taste. I renovate most of the things and do myself.