How products are made ha! ha!?

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Traditional illustration for children

All drawings are handwritten. I like to combine techniques: watercolors, markers, crayons, pens, markers. I create on paper. Drawings are made according to a general plan, which I polish during work: arrangement of elements, their content. Nevertheless, the time to work on such Wyszukwianka is weeks or even months. I invite you to learn about this process.

And then I will tell you about the second stage of handicraft development ha! ha! – sewing.

  I am guided by observation and imagination. 

From this huge number of drawings, a pattern is formed

All drawings are scanned and digitally processed, and then prepared for printing. The illustration panel undergoes a few test prints, because only namatxeriale shows shortcomings, where the graphics are too little, where too much, what to change. The printout also shows whether the size of the elements matches the print format. It cannot be too small or too big to be conveniently presented in pictures.

A few frames from the studio

Made with love and passion

I like the way color passes through black and white linear pictures. I like pure color spots. brevity. Avoids chiaroscuro, the laws of perspective, and the rules of realistic drawings (although they also happen). She feels good in linear drawings, where every move is a bold decision and must be hit.

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Finished prints go to the tailor’s workshop

The work of human hands for the second time

When the pattern is ready, it goes to the tailor’s shop, where it is carefully sewn according to your order.

Each product is sewn in such a way that it can withstand even the craziest games. Here the patterns take on a unique look, depending on what you chose for the back or what finish. Insets, tassels or trimmings.

What does the finished product look like?

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Finally, we pack

Each of our products can be a gift. Wrapped in white tissue paper, with a logos! ha !, a card and often a surprise in the form of tattoos for children. So prepared he goes to you.

But there is something else at the packing stage that I want to write to you. I try to use bubble wrap to protect the inside and recycled paper to fill the package, in line with the #zerowaste idea, which is why these shipping items are usually re-used.

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