… even though it was getting a little kick-started It’s a bit of a romance story and a bit of an adventure story. There are already Search mats, swaddling, bedding, blankets, bedspreads, pillows and T-shirts … and your head is full of other ideas that Search Engine can create for you …

It’s nice that you got here. Hello!

Life is an inspiration.

At some point in my motherhood, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a Mat, which would also be a picture book … to lie down, to tell, to play. In our home, children’s books occupy a special place in their development, especially picture books and Wyszukwianki, and because of my profession and love of drawing, I wanted more and more to combine illustration with some useful product for children. And create one for my daughter. And here is the plot of the romance. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and illustration is my specialization in graphic arts, but in my professional life I became an art director. Illustration has always accompanied me on this path. I sigh at her, but never took any time for her. You know, passion can be sighing, but there comes a moment when you say: Yes, I do! And so, slowly, the outline of 4 Mat: 4 lands that can be combined with each other, where the threads to be told intertwine with each other, open up the possibility of many creative games. Where the illustration fills the product with a multitude of content.

Drawing by drawing. And Search Engines.

I made prototypes using old sheets and drawing motifs with felt-tip pens, then it was time to look for materials for production and printing: from polyesters to cotton, which I finally decided on. Graphics and drawings were created at the same time … after drawing. The drawings are entirely freehand, created using traditional techniques, and then processed on the computer and prepared for printing. The next step was sewing prototypes. I gave up sewing on my own, so I was looking for a seamstress. It took me nearly 2 years to create a product that saw the light of day (I skip previous consultations with my friends, for which I thank them). The first two Wyszukwianka mats were ready.

A book to lie on … Mata Mountains and the City.

In summer 2019, the effect was perfect …
and the first Mats were in your hands.

Textiles for stories. A new category and a journey into the unknown.

I have been designing Search Engines since then, but the path wasn’t easy either. A brand was created that goes beyond categories: it is not a book, although it fulfills its role. These are not ordinary decorative textiles, because who has heard about bedding that can be used to tell fairy tales? It takes time to get to know this brand, make friends and fall in love. Now, once a year I release a new collection that always have very creative ideas. How are my products made? I start with an idea, I create drawings, prototypes, corrections, prototypes, corrections and when the effect is exactly as I intended … as I would like to use it – we fulfill your orders. The work is typically handicraft: hours of focus, hours of heart, and hours of work involved in the product. Search engines are created on an individual order. They are sewn by a small tailoring studio. Each of them takes you into the world of imagination. Because that’s why we create them … and this is the adventure part of my story. A brand has emerged that requires a moment of mindfulness to appreciate its value and how it can help a child develop, but once it takes your hand, it will open up untamed paths for imagination.

Glad you discover them with ha! ha!