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and a short guide on how to choose products ha! ha! to the character, needs and age of the child.

Your smile is the most important one!


Your smile is the most important one!

Who can be happy with a gift with our creative textiles?

Parents of babies, who can be wrapped in a soft bamboo, and cuddling their mom or dad can tell fairy tales in a soothing voice.

Parents of Old People, who will hide in our bedclothes, blankets and will never surprise you again with the question: Mom, Dad, tell me something ?! You have fairy tales around you, you look at the bedding, blanket and take you to the land of imagination. Together.

Little ones who will discover words, animals and sounds with you. In our bedspreads and mats, we have closed a lot of creative games for kids.

Older kids who can learn words, train the eye, search, learn through the play of the world around here and in the imagination. We dedicate games, fun and cartoons to our products, which you can find on our website.

If you appreciate creative products, original illustrations, multifunctional items and you are looking for something original, then these products are for you!

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For those who appreciate the world of imagination. For brave everyday storytellers. For indomitable play makers. For non-surrendering parents spending time with their children. For those who collect original products. For home kindergarten and more. For bookworms, which are appreciated by children’s hand drawn illustrations. For unfettered creators.

I close my eyes and see you, little by little, find your words, ideas, delight. And I am proud to help with this. I like to listen to you.

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How to choose Seek&Play products?

I am often asked for advice on what to choose for a child, for example as a gift. I have a few of my observations that I would be happy to share with helping you choose. Of course, they won’t necessarily work for everyone. But I hope to make your choice a little easier.

The first question is whether you are looking for a small gift: a poster or a T-shirt or a larger textile gift. If you choose textiles, start with the question: what do you need: a play mat for the floor / court or rather a blanket or bedding to cover up, or to act as a bedspread. This is the basic difference in the offered textile products. Educational mats are a great gift from birth, because they will be useful for safely putting the child on the ground, where he can exercise his muscles. The mat will serve him for a long time and will be used many times. A bamboo swaddle is also perfect for little ones.

However, if you are looking for something for a bogey from 2.5 and above, I highly recommend blankets, including cotton or bedding.

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Our collections

Our collections are distinguished by the original design of the Seek&Play. These are multi-threaded illustrations that open up a creative world of fairy tales, games and learning, and thanks to the fact that each collection is different, you have the opportunity to adjust the pattern to the sensitivity of the child, the climate you want at home or the mood you are in, because products ha! ha! they stimulate the imagination of adults and are meant to please the eye of the whole family. Now there are collections:

| Land in the version with Leaves
| Birthday wZoo
| #dziedzieci
| Friends for the little ones

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An educational mat is a perfect gift for little ones, but also a bit older children, it will be used for free play until about 4-5 years of age.

It is also an ideal tool for learning storytelling and for creative games with Toddler, practicing concentration and perceptiveness. The zoo is a great mat for working with animal figurines, e.g. from Schleich or Collect.

The picnic version, which you choose most often, will be needed for a very long time, because 10-year-olds like picnics and games on the ground, and the waterproof layer perfectly protects the child’s health.

A product that grows with the child.

Cotton blanket Brithday at the ZOO | Size 100 x 150 cm


A large cotton blanket made of looped knit fabric is perfect for every season. Thanks to the format: 100 x 150 cm, it is good for the Baby and his Parents, as well as for the Toddler.

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