Make up your own fairy tales!


Imagine a huge picture book that you can hug with your child and tell fairy tales together. This is not an ordinary book, this is your bedding or blanket… or play mats. Coming up with time stories is at your fingertips, because you combine pictures, scenes, characters and create a million of your own stories.

One example of our fairy tale
About the monkey and the hummingbird.

Gustaw the hummingbird almost collided with a falling banana peel. “Hey, please be careful where you throw away the leftovers. The skins are flying here all day, you just eat bananas… ”The monkey paused peeling another piece of fruit. She paused the pattern for a moment on a hummingbird, which is not easy, on someone who is constantly on the move, and after some thought she added. “I’ll tell you a secret. I have to eat bananas. Thanks to this, the sun shines during the day. It’s an old monkey tradition. Once upon a time, the Monkey King discovered that when he began eating bananas in the morning, the sun was rising. And as long as he ate, until he fell asleep, the sun was always shining. That’s why all monkeys contaminate this ritual… so that the sun doesn’t go out prematurely. This is our jungle duty. ” – Finished Monkey. The monkey fairy tale amazed Gucio the hummingbird. Impressed, he even paused for a moment. He sighed and thought it was fun to do such important things. Thoughtful he flew away in search of nectar … And as he flew, pondering the words of the Monkey, he found himself over a huge empty clearing. He felt the great space and strength of his little wings. They waved as much as they could, vigorously and persistently. But with peace. He looked down thoughtfully at the clearing and saw the shadows of the clouds… they were clear and looked like huge cupcakes. They moved slowly forward … and every time the hummingbird made a few dozen wing movements, the clouds moved forward … then Gustav thought that maybe it was thanks to the effort of his wings that the clouds glided across the sky. He fluttered more strongly as the clouds moved on. He smiled at the thought. Maybe he also found his fairy tale?

I borrowed a monkey legend from Brian Patten’s “Elephant and Flower”, which inspired me to create such a neat story.

Fairy tales for children are learning through play.
Let’s share it.

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