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Illustration services

Do you like my illustrative style, ideas of storytelling illustration and fancy things? Do you want to invite me to an interesting cooperation? Let’s talk about it. I like creative challenges, and I evaluate and evaluate each cooperation individually.


Cooperation with ha! ha!

Feel free to contact me regarding various collaborations with the ha! ha! brand. If you see a space for a business partnership, go ahead and make an offer. I am also open to cooperation with the media and promotion in social media.

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If you are a shop or a company that wants to offer a distribution network for my goods, please contact me by e-mail or by phone. We carry out wholesale orders in such cases.


Let’s talk about imagination

I am very happy to take part in conversations about supporting children and imagination in a creative way.

Why am I creating ha! ha !? I believe in imagination. Just. We often associate our imagination with fantasies, dragons, adventures of elves or aliens. We treat as entertainment, infantile. And the imagination is something much closer to our life, everyday life and progress. It’s the plasticity of our brain. It is creative flexibility in thinking. It is creating things that are not there yet. Seeing solutions. Openness to dialogues. Openness to change. Openness to look for and stay when you need to. Imagination is empathy.

Imagination is our human resource. It is worth exercising from an early age. It is worth treating as investments as well as knowledge.

And for you?
Imagination is …

For whom is ha! ha!


Pictogram for Pom Pom Cap

Something beautiful happens and such imaginative illustrations are created when the cooperation is with cool people with great passion! These two cute cats were made for Monika and her original hats with a pompon. What are these cats? One takes a nap after lunch, dreaming of being a phenomenal unicorn. The other one runs around, stamping his paws and muttering: am I a terrible dinosaur? MRrrrrrr-arrr

One is a cat-horn.
The latter is a dinokot.

Meet pom pom cap