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ha! ha! products are functional textiles, but thanks to their graphics they are also a creative book, a toy! Thanks to it, you can invent fairy tales and stories, but also learn words, play, search, create comics, make sensory games and many, many interesting activities that we still share with you.

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In ha! ha! we believe in imagination. It is a resource through which the child acquires emotional and social competences. Imagination shapes the child’s brain in a plastic way. You can take care of its development largely through creative play. Thanks to our products, it is also fun and very simple, because we inspire at every stage.

Seek&Play Textiles

How storytelling illustration supports a child’s development

Learning speech by learning new words and synonyms.

Picture book and activ book form, which can be attractive
and for a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old.

Probably the first such brand

I specialize in storytelling illustration and create my own designs from Wyszukwianka. Search engines are known so far from children’s books. They are simply multi-threaded illustrations that allow you to freely interpret and create your own stories, combine threads. It is an unlimited adventure for the imagination.

ha! ha! is probably the first brand that transferred this type of illustration to fabrics and knitted fabrics, creating utility products from them. Handwritten illustrations on patterns allow you to enjoy art on a daily basis, creating an aesthetic taste from an early age. In addition, children develop and learn through play.

Where we inspire

In ha! ha! we create a creative community on our Facebook or Instagram profiles, where we share ideas for games and fairy tales, we have advice, for you about creative activities with children, we run the #storytellingdlarodzicow series, or how to tell fairy tales to children.

So if you are a family that values creative games and develops imagination, you are looking for ways to surround your child with creative things, you like original and original products, and at the same time you value design and pragmatism – ha! ha! Seek&Play is for you! I wonder where your imagination will lead you today?

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Huge possibilities for creative play

ha! ha! Search Mats are Textiles for Children. For the story. To play. To learn. We know that creativity grows all the time and needs a spark to follow it. Education through free exploration of the environment is close to us. We believe in the great gift of the child-parent relationship, whether while playing together, inventing stories, or lying together under a blanket. That is why we create products that help you discover #dziecinstwaozwyobraznia. Textiles ha! ha! are original, hand-drawn illustrations printed on fabrics. I have transferred my own, multi-threaded drawings, like in the books of Search, onto bedding, blankets, bedspreads, mats and other utility products. You tell them like a book, because TeMaty na Fajka (TeMaty na Bajka) is at your fingertips. At the same time, they are 100% usable. The number and form of motifs in the illustrations also gives many opportunities for educational games and free play: from learning onomatopoeic words for little ones, learning new words for Olders, learning foreign languages, learning to count or practicing perceptiveness, to fine and gross motor games, and even you can use them in the form of various games.