Not only in winter, when your child needs more warmth, but also in summer during their afternoon nap, our cotton baby blanket will come in handy. It can serve both as a cosy cover and a material to spread on grass in order to lay down on it comfortably. That’s not all, as it may also become a practical bedspread, protecting the sheets when the child plays in their room.

Cotton baby blankets made with imagination

The HahaForKids online shop offers unconventional blankets (or bedspreads – it depends on how you want to use them), which cannot be found anywhere else! The offered products are based on our very own concepts and ideas. All over the materials there are printed pictures of colourful figures, and you can choose from a few themes, such as “Birthday in ZOO” or “Wonderland”. Not only do they serve as the fabric’s decoration, but also play a special role as an aid in telling tales! Your child can enjoy quality time with you, spent on creating imaginary stories, which will be inspired by the pictures on the material. The products are therefore more than just a stylish addition to your baby’s room; they also boost their imagination. What is more, we use skin-friendly cotton on one side of the product, and soft velvet on the other side – you have to see for yourself their outstanding quality!