We create so that you create

Imagination likes unpaved paths

Welcome to our fairy tale. Ha products! ha! you will recognize the artistic and original patterns of high-quality fabrics from which children’s collections are made. These are handicrafts that we give into your hands, the large adult ones and the small ones, children that we love with all our hearts. That is why we leave passion and love in our products, because we believe that such an environment is conducive to the development of a little person.

We are working to make ha products! ha! provided unique inspiration for children and a valuable part of their childhood. Each of our collections has artistic values, it is thought out in terms of materials, forms and colors to develop the child’s imagination. Our patterns have a decorative value, going beyond the standard patterns, but above all, a great educational and developmental value for the Child.


We break the categories

We like to ask ourselves: What if? Curiosity drives us in the development of the brand. This is what happened when the first illustration of Searching on Fabric, a type of drawings known only from paper books, was created, and since then we have been consistently following this direction, surprising every collection with a new creative pattern. We also break down the textile categories by adding educational value to “normal” bedding, or children’s blankets or mats.


2 in 1 products

You can safely use our products traditionally, enjoying unique, original graphics … but if only your imagination wants to take you on a journey, you tell stories from bedding or practice learning to speak from a blanket.


Each pattern is an idea

Our patterns are very well thought out. Already at the stage of creation, first sketches and during the drawing process, we define the purpose of a given collection very precisely. Behind each design there is a specific value that you get when you buy a product from this collection.

We like to talk about it.

Imagination will save the world

Imagination likes to lead brave little dreamers by the hand. But did you know that we learn it and we get to know it from childhood? In ha! ha! we believe that imagination is a resource in later life, thanks to which you acquire social, emotional and many other competences to help you in adult life. That is why we create textiles and products that open the child to the world of imagination. Through storytelling, fun, learning, searching. And through Closeness with the Guardian. The magic of childhood memories remains: common chimps, telling fairy tales hugging under the sheets, playing together, making bases out of blankets, but also simple conversations about difficult matters, naming emotions, not always easy and comfortable … Childhood is the time when through these experiences a child builds his own treasure: a child within himself … forever … right here in his heart. And once invited to this experience, his imagination also guides him later in life.